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Faye Reason, your personal chef on IBIZA

Anna Smit September 22, 2014 0 comments 0

Faye Reason, your personal chef on IBIZA

“In recent years I’ve found that my passion is simply to do everything with love.”

“It doesn’t matter what that thing is, so long as my heart is in it then it is enjoyable!

Things I ordinarily loved doing became extra special because I am consciously adding gratitude to the mix. Like serving food! I love to cook, to serve healthy, holistic dishes supporting local farmers. I have suffered from health issues for many years and it caused me to change my diet, my outlook on food and listen to my body. I also love to give reiki treatments and holistic massages, treating the whole person, the body, mind and soul. I use my sensitivity in a positive way, it helps me to go with the flow, to follow the prevalent magic in Ibiza and make beautiful connections with the amazing people I get to meet here”. – Faye Reason

Faye has worked in wellbeing for over ten years, moving from the UK to Ibiza in 2010. Faye managed a wellbeing spa in the Surrey Hills before realising that Ibiza was a calling she had to follow.

Arriving on Ibiza’s white shores Faye headed straight to the campo, working with various healing modalities, hosting retreats and making delicious ‘conscious food’. She prepares drinking water with purification crystals and puts love into all food preparation. She believes this makes a special difference to the quality. Her brunches are particularly legendary and many guests are now demanding a recipe book (which she is currently working on for people suffering with diabetes and candida).
Faye has travelled far and wide, studied theosophy/esoteric wisdom, worked with some of the great shamen around the world and learned that love does indeed conquer all.

She lives surrounded by vegetable gardens in San Carlos and has a roof perfect for star gazing (one of her favourite Ibiza pastimes!)

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