Frequently asked questions

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First visit information

How to sign up

On our schedule you can find the button that says ‘Book now’ on the right side of the class you want to attend. This will guide you through our reservation system.

In order to sign up you need to create your own account. With that account you can manage your schedule easily: both subscribing and unsubscribing and payments.


You can pay through our website or at our studio with creditcard or Ideal.

However, for your first visit we invite you to first join the class and pay after, so you get to experience the studio first.

What to bring?

Not so much. We offer free use of our mats and props, but feel free to bring your own!

What to wear?

Make sure you wear something comfortable fitting:

  • Leggings/Sweat pants
  • Top
  • Jumper/Sweater
  • Sox
  • Addition to the Vinyasa/Flow classes: Sports bra (for whom it may concern)

Be on time

We advice you to be on time. Meaning: 15 minutes to 5 minutes upfront. This gives you some time to settle and relax before you start.

Our classes start at the time mentioned on the schedule. The front door will close and we cannot allow late comers in from that point.

Injuries / pregnancy / recovery

Please inform us about your fysical condition beforhand so we can offer you adjustments when needed.

Frequently asked questions

Can i do yoga? I can't even touch my toes!

Yes. You can. Touching one’s toes is not required and we offer basic classes to support your journey.

Good to know: Yoga Nidra and Restorative classes are accessible for everybody.

What level is suitable for me?

We marked the classes with either Basic, All Levels or Intermediate, but here is a little guide if you still don’t understand which class is best for you today.

When you are an absolute Yoga newbie we would reccomend the Vinyasa Basic or the Ashtanga classes, to gradually learn the poses and melt them into a nice flow. After a few of those, you can try an all level Vinyasa class, which has a little faster pace in the flow.

Is Yin a basic class?

Yin is often reccomended as a basic class, but we would like to add that Yin has just a different approach then for instance a flow class.

In this genre you hold the poses for several minutes, which can be super challenging. But if you need that deep deep stretch, then Yin is your thing.

I just want to relax

If you just want to relax body and mind we reccomend a Restorative or Yoga Nidra class.

I want a workout

Vinyasa holds a beautiful balance between stretching and excercise. So if you crave to break a sweat, then try Vinyasa All Levels or Intermediate.

We also offer a powerful class that’s really concentrated on working those muscles: Core Flow.

Are the classes taught in Dutch or English?

This depends on who’s in the class, but please mention the teacher before the class starts, that you prefer the class to be taught in English.

Most of our classes are held in English this way, so don’t be humble!

Is Yoga a girls-thing only?

Please no. It might be a little intimidating to be in a room full of ladies, being the only man. We get that.

But we would love to see more men on the mat, so please overcome your shy-ness and explore all the benefits of Yoga. It’s about you, remember?

Can I pay online?

When you book a class at Sukha Yoga you can pay via Ideal, creditcard and Paypal.


How to sign up to a live session?

Sign up through our website and you will receive a link prior the start of the class.

When you log in to the class through your Zoom link, choose the option “Gallery View” to meet your fellow Yogi’s. 

When the class starts the teacher will kindly ask you to switch to Speaker View or double click the teacher to enlarge her screen to get the best visual of the practice.