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The end of an era

Marcus B December 15, 2020 0 comments 2

Again, we are asked to close our doors and to dive inwards.

I understand the regulations and I have no desire to rebel.

2020 is asking a lot of all of us and now is the time to explore our super powers. My favourite list of super powers that I have seen in all of you, throughout the years, that you participated and we walked together is this:

  • Vulnarability
  • Ability to reflect
  • Acknowledging our journey
  • Softness and kindness to ourselves as a virtue to serve others
  • The ability to stretch our comfort zone even though it hurts sometimes
  • Joy. True, big smiling faces, childlike joy
  • Connecting with the earth, to root
  • Connecting with spirit to grow
  • LOVE

That to me, all of that, is Yoga. Not the asana’s, not our chants, our Ohm’s and our quotes. Not the Yoga room. We are just here to remind you of what YOU are capable of. And we love it.

We happily (sometimes unhappily) pioneer in order to guide you. We hold hands while we walk each other home.

But today is the day that I need to inform you that my journey, my pioneering, needs to be put to bed for a while. I need to nourish me for a while. I gave you my all and from that I grew too and it gave me so much love and joy in return, knowing how precious Sukha is to you.

This year has been challenging on a global level and I’m exhausted. Not only by the pandamic, but also constructing two locations that ended in a very painful lawsuit, have been tiring on me and my family on a soul level.

This lockdown is the final straw and Sukha has dried out in the current form.

This chapter has come to an end. I will take my time to heal, to restore and from there I’ll explore a new path. As soon as I find a healthier way I’ll let you know and hopefully we meet again, for the next chapter.

What it means for you:

The schedules are closed, including the live stream schedule. I’m currently figuring out how to transform your subscriptions into something of value, so I’ll get back to you on that asap.

Of course, if you have any questions: please, contact me.

Sukha, my love, I am heartbroken, but what you have given to our community is immense and I’m so so grateful on what these ten years contain. The warmth it gave to our neighborhood is significant and I absolutely feel the necessity to bring that back as soon as possible. Know that.

So this is not a farewell, but an I see you again.

I thank you all for your support, your presence, your gifts, your trust and most of all your You-ness.

In my heart. Always.