About Sukha Yoga

Happiness, Joy & Bliss

Sukha stands for Happiness, Joy & Bliss. The space, the garden, the teachers, the classes and the students all represent this theme.

From the moment you walk through  our doors, you step into serenity and the world outside seems to disappear. The garden and warmth of this studio embrace you with its lush gardens, songs of the birds and the soft rustle of the leaves outside.
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Accessible yoga

Yoga for everyone. For every body. Our dream is that everyone gets to enjoy the Sukha Yoga vibes.

We work hard to continue to inspire, challenge, encourage, and guide you in your yoga practice.

Fair prices

Sukha offers high quality lessons under the guidance of qualified teachers who have a passion for their profession.

Our price range is set up to serve every kind of Yogi:

  • We offer both multiple class packs that have no expiration date so you are free to use your classes when the time is right for you to affordable Unlimited subscriptions.
  • There’s no restriction, so you get to choose every time you run out, what you want to do next: drop in, class pack or a month pack.
  • Yoga is not an obligation!

Talk to us to know more about Sukha Yoga

If you have questions, comments or you’re new to Yoga, our teachers would love to hear from you before or after the class. Prefer email? No problem, you can email us anytime: info@sukhayoga.nl

Let your journey begin and progress at Sukha Yoga.