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Anna Smit January 9, 2017 0 comments 0


By Emese Fodor

Life is an eternal dance and we are dancers connecting and flowing with the music of the Universe performing mysterious choreographies which can take us closer to our true essence and make us feel complete and truly happy.

In these workhops, I guide and help my amazing sisters unfolding their Sacred femininity and blossoming as beautiful flowers in the most spectacular colours and shades.

We are using special dance movements, asanas, music, breathe-work, and implement other great tools such as rituals, archetypes, symbols and elements of chakras, directions&elements of Nature to raise our Shakti energy, experience&live our essence: the rising, gentle and yet powerful Goddesses we truly are.

In the course of the workshops, we are working with different topics such as shadow-work&transformation, ageing&wisdom, career&finances, sensuality, mothership&family, balance, finding our voice.

It is a beautifully intimate practice in a safe and loving environment where we open, share, connect and surrender ourselves to our most Sacred inner being.
Having a special and healthy connection with our Divine-feminine is essential so that we can see and feel our pure beauty, truly appreciate and love ourselves. This self-love and confidence enables us to create and live meaningful and valuable relationships in each field of our lives. In turn, this unity with ourselves and the world opens invisible doors and leads us to completeness and happiness.

For more inspiration and information please check:
Instagram videos and photos @eme_fodor
EMEFODOR website
The topics and proposed dates for The following months are as below:

  • 29th January – Career and Finances: spiritual laws of success, how to align with our dharma/purpose, create balance between health and wealth
  • 26th February – Community and Collaboration, how to be a visionary, how to create community
  • 26h March – Mysticism and Spirituality, how to cultivate mystical awarness and build intuition
Time: 17:00 – 19:00
Location: Healing Station, Ceintuurbaan 237
Price per session: €25,-
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