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Marcus B March 19, 2020 0 comments 0

Sukha always was and always will be the safe haven for so many people. Especially in times like these when we crave that sense of home, roots and steadiness in our lives. This is why we provide online classes which we will stream live through Youtube.

How Sukha online works:

You subscribe for a class as usual through our schedule. Anna will email you the link so you can join our online class at the given time slot or (re)join it later.

We won’t be using music because of quality- and royalty reasons, but feel free to play your own favourite tunes in the background.

Note: the Vinyasa classes are recommended for more advanced practitioners if done at home without a teachers’ assistance.

Deep Relax is a mix of soft Yoga postures, focus on cleansing breaths and meditation. If you have a bolster: great! If not: pile up all the comfy pillows and blankets you own and ease yourself in luscious comfort.