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Meet Emese!

Anna Smit June 21, 2014 0 comments 0

Meet Emese!

In juli gaan veel docenten op reis, volgen workshops en zijn te vinden op Yoga festivals. Om er voor te zorgen dat de meeste lessen gewoon op het rooster blijven is onze reddende engel Emese Fodor opgedraven!

Zij zal veel lessen overnemen, dus grote kans dat je haar de komende weken tegenkomt. Ze kijkt er erg naar uit om jullie allemaal te mogen ontvangen!

Lees meer over Emese hieronder:

“I am a Hungarian girl and in love with everything that inspires me to flow and fly smoothly throughout this life. For me yoga is an absolute and complete way to find harmony and peace which eventually helps me in flowing and flying happily day by day.

I had been doing gymnastics for 8 years since my age of 6, then was practicing fitness and   intense jazz and modern dance for about 10 years. I met yoga first in 2005 in Hungary during my dancing years and soon it became crystal clear that our ways are attached and since then yoga has been an essential part of my life. Because of the intensive dance practice, my joints were hurting and certain parts of my body were always in pain. Shortly after I started practicing yoga, I realized that the final aim of doing any kind of sports/form of moving is not to perform certain movements perfectly even at the cost of damaging our body but to discover and learn to respect our boundaries. Our body is the temple of our soul, a very fragile and sophisticated instrument to play with and if we treat it with love and care and at the same time we listen to our most inner voice then we will find peace and live in harmony and happiness with ourselves and others.

I moved to Amsterdam in 2010 where I met Gosta van Dam & Patrick Vermeulen whom I consider my most important teachers beside many other teachers I met along the way in workshops and during my several journeys in India.

I teach vinyasa flow yoga which is a beautiful form of dancing as I see where we connect to ourselves. The first part of the class is a more intense flow mostly in standing asanas with the aim of generating heat and making sure that the body, joints, muscles are ready for the intense stretching where we let our body melt and sink deeper and deeper and try to find relaxation in the postures both for our body and mind.

Breath and music are 2 very essential parts of my classes, I believe that tuning the body movements with the breath for the sounds of calming music does generate prana (life energy) and make it flow through the body. Despite of the heavy physical practice, at the end of the class we will feel energized and calm.”


“Let’s join me in the class and experience flying and flowing together!”

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