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Anna Smit October 2, 2017 0 comments 0

True Nature Yoga Detox Retreat Deluxe

With The Mountain Ibiza

25 November – 2 December

Yoga ⋅ Meditation ⋅ Detox ⋅ Nature

Are you looking for a pleasant way to detox and restore your energy levels?

Do you seek relief from stress and anxiety or healing of past wounds?

Are you longing to deepen the connection to your heart and find the power to stand for your truth?


“Then our Autumn Yoga Retreat Deluxe could be just the retreat you are looking for!

A magical, luxurious location in the nature of Ibiza is the setting of one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating and wholesome retreats of this winter.

A full week of inspiring yoga, breath-work, clean homemade vegetarian/vegan food, live music and nature hikes to transform your life and give you a glow of well being. In small, intimate groups of maximum 12 people and 2 certified yoga teachers there is plenty of attention to guide you on your personal journey, within the wonderful dynamic of a group of likeminded souls. With mild and pleasant temperatures varying from 14 up to 22 degrees, it is the perfect climate for outdoor yoga and beautiful nature hikes.

Are you ready to let the magic in?”

“We invite you to slow down, move with the pace of nature and just BE.”


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