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Sukha City Retreat

Anna Smit May 1, 2022 0 comments 1

Always supporting you to evolve. We can’t control what goes on outside, so learn how to control what goes on your inside with our yoga and meditation classes, for adults and kids.

Explore our newly integrated wellness offering:

We set a new standard for what a wellness space could be. Through design choices, vetted products, well-sourced ingredients and more, we make taking care of yourself easy.

  • Feel your best with a spray tan — personalized to support your needs.
  • Experience transformational results and true skin health with a facial. Our menu of innovative services created in partnership with the renowned skincare brand takes an approach that truly leaves you glowing.
  • Promote deep healing through the adjustment of energy frequencies in the physical body. From chakra readings to reiki, our team can help you release stress and tension.