Sukha Crowdfund

Happiness, Joy & Bliss


We are building with a very much understaffed crew at our new location, again due to COVID-19, because Sukha deserves an upgrade!

A new location

Sukha is moving just a few doors down and we can promise you this: it’s by far one of the most beautiful buildings we’ve seen. We make sure that the vibe will still be homely and warm, but the extra facilities and setting will really give you the sense of massive upgrade.

Finally: there will be showers, lockers and an actual dressing room available.

Unfortunately we signed the lease right before the crisis hit the world, so here’s a gentle request for you to pre purchase future class packs, so we can continue our constructions.

We removed the expiry dates on all offers!

Crowdfund options:

  • Bronze Sukha Member: 5 pack for €50,-
  • Silver Sukha Member: 10 pack for €100,-
  • Gold Sukha Member: 20 pack for €200,- + free access to Sukha Live for two months
  • Platinum Sukha Member: 50 pack for €500,- + free access to Sukha LIve for the first year

On our prices page and at the bottom of this page you can choose your preferred pack.

Thank you so much for your support. Let’s work on a healthier future together!


Sukha LIVE

Because home practice can be extra challenging, we provide you with snippet classes as well as 60 minute sessions. This is a fun playground for us teachers too, for now we can emphasize on other parts of the Yoga matter too.